August 2019 Planning Spread

To recap, in 2019 I’m using these decks: Awakened Soul Oracle, the Luminous Tarot, and Mudras for Awakening: The Energy Body Deck. I chose them because they fit in with the idea of giving me a theme, a means to apply the theme, and a physical hand position to guide me into the lesson. This last card sits at my desk and helps remind me of my goals and gives me support when I need it.

Theme: Surrender
How: The Hierophant
Helper: 36. Higher Knowledge

August 2019 Planning Spread.

The theme for August is Surrender. This card asks me to loosen my grip and allow flow into my life and projects. Ethony says, “Surrender is allowing yourself to be totally present in the moment. To be open to feeling powerful emotions, to being in awe of the majesty and magic around you.” Acceptance of the self in the present moment is also a key aspect to the work of surrender. With this year being the year I work on the element of Self-love, it only makes sense that I allow myself to surrender into my body, the world around me, and accept the gifts I have and what others see in me.

The Hierophant becomes my guide in this month’s theme. I liken the Hierophant as a spiritual teacher, one who shows us the path and helps us uncover the mysteries of the world. A student surrenders their opinions to the teacher to gain insight and that’s how I see this card helping me with Surrender work. I’ll loosen my grip on what I know, return to a beginner’s mind, and allow the world, my friends, and the messages from spirit teach me how to be more accepting of life.

The mudra I’ll be using this month is Higher Knowledge. This position is good for meditation, concentration, and wisdom. Letting go and allowing one to relax in the flow of things isn’t easy. It takes concentration and insight. This mudra will help me during meditation sessions to let go and be present with the moment. From the messages I receive from various guided mediations, I can see what surrendering can do to change me. I’ll also incorporate this mudra into my morning and evening rituals.