May 2018 Planning Spread

In this post, I’ll attempt to demystify May’s 3 card mini-spread from my Overview of 2018 spread. To recap, the three decks I used were The Enchanted Map, Triple Goddess Tarot, and Spirit Cats. I chose these 3 for their ability to give me concise info and for their ability to work together. The Enchanted Map card represents the theme of the month. The Triple Goddess card elaborates ways to achieve the theme. The Spirit Cats card gives me a guide card whose energy I can call upon when I need support.

Theme: #33 Peaks of Joy

May 2018’s 3-card spread

Convention season has ended. I arrived home yesterday and I am feeling refreshed. This month’s theme is Peaks of Joy and boy-howdy can I relate. I’ve had an amazing three months of learning, teaching, and reconnecting to my tarot tribe. This refreshes me and fills up my batteries. Peaks of Joy requests I keep holding onto these things. They are a source of inspiration. From the special moments I’ve had and the insights gained, I’ll set the ground work for the rest of this year.

The Magician becomes the means to getting this done. My magician is all about manifestation: from creating good dreams, to hitting those goals, to spinning spells into the universe with intention. This is a month to really use my tools and push forth the new dreams I have going on. Let’s do this!

Spiral is May’s guide spirit kitten He’s a real idea generator; always curious and always seeking. I think he’s a perfect companion, yet again, for this month’s trio. I derive joy from making connections and generating new ideas. Once I get some good innovation going, I can then lay down the ground work for manifesting. It’s time to break out those lists and see what shakes loose.