Welcome to Inner Compass Tarot Coaching

photo by Christy Carr

Oh Hai! I’m Jaymi, lover of words, a maker of mischief, and tarotist (I love saying that word, it drives my partner crazy and makes me feel extra weird).

Do I know you? I think I might. You also read the cards, don’t you? (I just knew it, I can spot a like-minded soul a mile away… I digress).

You read for fun, right, or maybe for clients? You are a student, a professional, a hobbyist, whatever. What it really comes down to is that you love and trust the tarot.

Me too.

I adore Tarot because it has never steered me wrong. It is my compass, how I find my true north in any given situation; it’s my truth teller, my challenger and my supporter and it always, always inspires my way forward. And that’s exactly what it will do for you when we work together.

Look, I know you know the cards (maybe a little, maybe a lot) but when it comes to our own shit we all need a little help now and then—someone to see what we can’t see, to hear what we aren’t hearing, who isn’t afraid to tell us the truth, pick us back up, and then get us moving towards solutions again. That’s me.

I’m here for you whenever you need me. And until then you’ll find reading tips, book and deck reviews, and all my best tips for living a tarot inspired life. Welcome to Inner Compass Tarot! I hope you’ll make yourself at home.