I came out of my writing nook about two years ago to start teaching. I love sharing my passion for tarot with others and have started teaching various classes. I provide one-on-one mentoring in the art of reading the cards as well as classroom-based training.

Mentorship Program

If you’re interested in a mentorship, I can do this online with Skype or in-person (Portland, OR location). Picking me is an honor that I don’t take lightly. When we spend time together, I’ll listen to you as you give me your goals for working with tarot. Then I’ll think about and create a custom course framework so that you can learn the cards from beginner to pro. Because of the intensity, I require a six-month commitment. Payment plans are available to fit any lifestyle. Interested? Contact me at tarot@innercompasstarot.com.

In addition to my mentorship program, I also offer the following classes and courses:

Classes from Start to Finish

Tarot for the Curious
Come learn about the mystical art of tarot. Let Jaymi introduce you to that “wicked pack of cards”, their history and myths, and help you select the right reader to guide your questions. This class does not teach how to read. It gives a general overview for the curious. No experience necessary, and no prejudices allowed.

Tarot 101
Learn how to become a skilled and practiced tarot reader. Jaymi teaches beginners how to decode the meanings of the cards, how to use spreads, and gets tarot enthusiasts reading the cards for themselves and others. Bring your favorite deck and a journal and an enthusiastic learning state of mind.

Going Pro
Are you ready to become a tarot professional but are afraid? Going Pro presents a safe forum where you can learn how to take the fool’s plunge and start your own tarot business. Jaymi Elford has been laying the foundation for her own business for over two years now. While she claims she’s no expert, she’s ready to share her knowledge about what to do, where to go, and how to get those spiffy marketing toys.

Specialty Classes

Inspiring the Muse with Tarot, using a tarot deck to tell stories
Inspiring the Muse takes writers through a tour of the many ways they can use a tarot deck as an inspirational tool and companion. Units revolve around: using the cards to prompt journal entries; plot and plot point generation; character creation; setting creation; and writing coaching. Writers will come away with many spreads and ideas on tapping into the cards for new ideas for their writing using the pictures, symbolism, and tarot deck structure. Students must bring imagination, paper and pen, and an illustrated tarot deck. Inspiring the Muse offered in 1 hour, 4 hours, and 8-hour long workshop sessions.

Journaling with the Tarot
Journaling with the Tarot takes participants on a tour of how to create, maintain, and use various tarot journals. Participants get to make a small hand-made journal and learn several ways to use their cards to reveal insights into their lives. Participants receive many ideas on how the cards can become a trusted friend to tell secrets. Bring your imagination, paper and pen, and an illustrated tarot deck. Journaling with the Tarot offered in 1 hour, 4 hours, and 8-hour long workshop sessions.

Imbibe and Divine
Imbibe and Divine is a multi-sensory experience where participants explore the tarot in culinary delights. Part wine-tasting and part discussion on the taboos surrounding tarot and drinking, this class seeks to answer the question of how can wine be like a tarot card. Jaymi Elford facilitates this class and also introduces the “TIPPSY spread”. No prior knowledge or reading experience is necessary. You don’t have to memorize meanings or esoteric occult lore either. Participation is encouraged but not a requirement. Class limited to persons 21 and over, IDs checked at the door.

Embodying the Archetypes
Join the Tarot Reality Show experience. Embodying the Archetypes uses a guided meditation that allows participants to “become” one of the major arcana archetypes. Once the participants have embodied their chosen card, host Jaymi Elford then asks those archetypes questions and gives them a chance to interact with one another as if they were real persons and not just an image drawn on a card. Part guided meditation and part impromptu acting, this class isn’t for the faint of heart. Are you ready to find out what happens when tarot cards stop being polite and start getting real?

Tarot as a Transformative Rite
Feeling stagnant? Unsure of what new goals to pursue in your life? Get ready to use your tarot (or oracle) deck to bring lasting transformations to you. Tarot is a wonderful tool for manifesting the life we want. Let Jaymi Elford show you the spreads and monthly rituals to help you manifest your goals and dreams. Learn how to define good goals, design an altar, be introduced to ritual crafting to design your own personal year-long (12-month) goal manifestation rite. Bring a tarot deck, your bucket list, and the willingness to share your ideas with others!