Praise & Press

Nice things my clients have said:

Jaymi is very knowledgeable and straightforward with her readings. I love that she has the customer put themselves into their readings. This approach is different and definitely had me remembering the reading weeks later. There are many approaches to reading, this was a wonderful fresh approach that leaves those read with goals to achieve! Would definitely read with her again!
Melissa Dasaro

“From my first reading with Jaymi, it was very obvious I was in the hands of a very skilled reader. Jaymi is very knowledgeable and honest and will tell you if you are being whiner – but she will also tell you how to fix a situation. Her constant efforts to learn improve her craft shows with each reading. You won’t be disappointed.”
Anna, Vancouver, WA

“innowen’s readings are very poignant and never do they convey a strict path for the person to follow. Her readings are always full of insight and missed common sense, while giving the querent different options for their current situation.”

“Jaymi’s skills as a tarot reader are phenomenal. The reading she provides are more than just a look at the future. She creates a narrative experience that helps someone understand the cards and what they represent in the life of that person. She provides accurate and consistent readings in a manner which is empathic and helpful. I highly recommend getting a reading done by Jaymi.”
Taylor, Portland, OR

“Thank you again for the reading at Mantra. I have been amazed at the accuracy of the session and have had some really fun things unfold with the opportunity in Seattle-better than I could have imagined!!!”
Beth, Vancouver, WA

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