Tarot Philosophy

Tarot Coaching differs from normal readings in that they are not psychic readings. I do not tell you what the cards mean. Tarot Coaching is a co-creative process where you and I share our thoughts, impressions, and experiences together as the reading unfolds. I help you guide yourself through uncovering the answers.

In fact, this process is so different that you handle the cards and do most of the talking. Tarot Coaching isn’t for everyone but Seekers remember their readings longer and do the work that it takes to really transform their lives.

Intake Questionnaire
Your reading begins before the cards appear on the table. When you purchase a reading from me, you’ll have to answer several intake questions.  These answers give me an idea of what is going on and what you’d like to get out of a reading.

  1. Why do you seek tarot consultation?
  2. What concrete changes do you want to manifest in your life?
  3. What expectations do you have regarding this process? What are your objectives for our time together?

How I Work
At the start of our first session together, we’ll briefly go over the answers to those questions. Then I’ll introduce the spread we’ll work with. I am a midwife to your journey: you describe what you see in the cards as we watch the reading unfold together. Then we’ll discuss how this knowledge can help you. Before our time is up, I’ll give you a 3-step prescription of activities to do before our next appointment.

You should come away from each session feeling renewed and motivated, ready to achieve your dreams.