Tarot Decks I Own

Tarot decks are rich in symbolism and have wonderful art on each card.  Once you start down the tarot path, you’ll quickly tumble into the rabbit hole of deck collection. You never can just have one!

That said, some of my friends and readers, asked me to post a list of the decks own, love, and use. As this list morphs and changes (I tend to add and clear out tarot as my tastes and needs change), I’ve added a date so you can see when it was last updated.

The links will take you to posts on this site giving you more info about the deck, why I own it, and how I use the deck.

Last updated: 06.MAY.15
Bolded decks = those used for client reading
Italicized decks have a signed component

Tarot Decks

  1. Shadowscapes Tarot
  2. Gaian Tarot
  3. Voyager Tarot
  4. Haindl Tarot
  5. Vertigo Tarot (first edition)
  6. Vertigo Tarot (2nd edition, smaller cards)
  7. Hanson-Roberts Tarot (special Macromedia branded set, for the “web wizard you were destined to be”)
  8. Mage the Ascension Tarot
  9. Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot
  10. The Fey Tarot
  11. Blank Tarot deck
  12. Archeon Tarot
  13. Necronomicon Tarot
  14. Deviant Moon Borderless Edition
  15. Mage the Awakening Tarot
  16. Paulina Tarot
  17. Universal Waite Pocket Tarot
  18. Tarot of the Trees
  19. The Ferret Tarot
  20. Tarot of the Sweet Twilight
  21. Sun and Moon Tarot
  22. The Tarot Game Travel Edition
  23. Watchers Tarot—Majors only (#33 of 50)
  24. Raven’s Window—Majors only (#08 of 50)
  25. Tarot of the Silicon Dawn
  26. Herbal Tarot
  27. The Science Tarot
  28. Tarot Universal Dali Deck
  29. The Incidental Tarot
  30. Steampunk Tarot
  31. Zombie Tarot
  32. Dark Goddess Tarot
  33. The Compound Tarot
  34. Mystical Cats Tarot
  35. The Smith-Waite Centennial Deck in a Tin
  36. The Animism Tarot

Oracle Decks

  1. The Enchanted Map Oracle
  2. The Silhouette Lenormand (#1 of 2, created by me)
  3. The Magpie Oracle
  4. The Guilded Lenormand (Collector’s Editions)
  5. Absolute Bullshit Oracle
  6. Oracle of Initiation