A Winter Holiday Spread

The five card spread I created for the winter holidays. Card one is knight of swords. Card two is 7 of wands. Card three is the high priestess. Card four is The Hermit. Card five is the 6 of swords.
Images from The Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

Two weekends ago I visited a dear friend, Callie French, for an afternoon of holiday cheer and tarot reading swaps. There were six of us, all from the past summer’s tarot class. We drank wine, caught up, and talked tarot.

Once we settled down around the dining room table, Callie turned our attention to the reading swap. The spread she set us all up with had five cards and no real name. With all that goes on during winter, I thought it was a lovely spread and a great gift to have it interpreted by someone else.

The spread positions are:
1. Center: You in this current moment.
2. Above: The guiding light which shines down.
3. Below: This anchors you. What gives you a foundation.
4. Left: This is what you need to give.
5. Right: This is what you need to receive.

I used The Shadowscapes Tarot for my cards. This is how my friend interpreted the images on the cards. The notes below are almost what my friend said, verbatim.

  1. Me in the center: Knight of swords. Magical, Strength and flight, different perspectives. I’m prepared and can deal with the crap. Look to the Stars.
  2. Guiding Light from above: Seven of wands. Learn how to sort things out. Let the beauty come out from the crazy. Two dragons. 
  3. The anchor from below: The high priestess. Owl for wisdom. Going inward. Tree is rooted and spirals up. More stars. Balance of day and night. 
  4. What I give on the left: The hermit. Learn to balance the need to be alone and be out. Put thought into being out versus inside. What goes on must come out. Beauty, strength and purpose is key. 
  5. What I receive on the right: 6 of swords. Receive messages from my dreams. Ugly duckling and the swan. Strong spiritual connection. Nurture myself. 

My takeaway is while the next few weeks are going to try my core, I should center and return to my anchor (tarot and spirituality and creativity), allow myself the freedom to pick and choose where my engagements are, and to listen to my dreams, guides, and symbolism.

If you try this spread, please let me know how it went for yourself by adding a comment below.