BATS report: Day One


Up at 7am feeling refreshed for minion duty. Spent most of the morning doing registration, running around, and orders for Tarot Media Company. My card of the day is “Page of Cups” and upon reflection we (RoseRed and Drew) have decided that I am to help others as well as be a fantasy ideal for others. I tend to like the middle path where I can be two different things depending on how people need me.

Ready to get my Tarot on!
Ready to get my Tarot on!

After helping out in the main hall, i got just in time to get a seat at Bill Tarot’s Dynamic Spreads class. Bill’s been an awesome Tarot friend over the years and when he came out with the Dynamic Spreads deck I KNEW I needed one and wanted to attend this presentation. I love that it’s an active and passive method that works with any deck. He did a great job introducing everyone to his product and then gave us a lot of play time with his baby in reading for others. My group ended the session with a really cool reading on Beyonce and JayZ.

Rana teaches Lenormand
Rana teaches Lenormand

Next session up was Rana George’s Lenormand: between destiny, fate and fortunetelling class. While I am still a baby beginner at the cards, I loved her energy and how the things she presented could also relate to tarot and its uses. We learned to do a reading and then to follow up a smaller 3-card spread with a “How can I change this outcome or make this a possible future?” question. My friend Sue and I exchanged readings and I was pleasantly happy to know that my answers were more right than wrong (Thank you Carrie!).

I sherpaed people up to the hospitality room for lunch and attended to many minion duties during the afternoon. I stayed in the main hall for most of the time to listen to the presentations going on there in. My favorite afternoon listenings were from Ellen Lorenzi-Prince and Nancy Antenucci’s Bats, Tarot, and the Dark Goddess class which featured interactive class with the Dark Goddess Tarot. Sometimes readers forget that movement can help provide insight into card meanings and readings and I am glad these two ladies are on the forefront of innovation.

Let's party!
Let’s party!

We had a small break where we went back to our rooms to dawn our finery for the evening’s “BATS in the Belfry” mixer. RoseRed allowed me to borrow a corset (first time EVER wearing) and I wore my “glow butt” bustle. We had tons of fun socializing and chatting with the lovely attendees.

These aren't mine... i SWEAR.

Also… THIS happened:
and no, they are NOT mine.

We moved our small group to the bar where we grabbed some food and then came back to our room where we had intense discussions about writing, the art of editing, and publishing. (If you are reading this… YOU KNOW WHO… I hope you know I believe in you.)

Wrapping this report up so I can get some rest for tomorrow’s festivities. Thanks for reading and I hope everyone attending SFBATS is having a great time and those who aren’t able to attend know we’ve missed you. We bring stories!