December 2020 Advent Draw 7

December 7, 2020 Advent Calendar Draw: The Fool. Click to embiggen
December 7, 2020 Advent Calendar Draw: The Fool. Click to embiggen

On the seventh day of December, my solstice advent gave to me… The Fool.

And here we are. Back at the beginning, or is it the end. That’s the fantastic thing about The Fool: they can go where ever they want. They delight in every new thing. The Fool stays in the moment. They are forever in motion, seeking out new adventures where their whim takes them. ‘Tis the season to seek out and search for connection. 

My eyes are finely tuned to the world outside, and it gives me a strange sense of wanderlust in my own home. A small flicker of moment catches my eyes; they dart to the branches or tree trunks. They lock onto the grass. They catch a glimpse of the raven sitting on the mailbox.  I see my squirrel buds twitch their tails as they continue to forage. Sometimes I’m lucky, and a squirrel will rest on the fence, letting me get their picture. As I get better from being sick, I want to do more, explore more as well. 

Today I was being asked to stay in the moment. To do each task with full attention and let me do deep dives in work I was doing. I went from daydreaming to recording a video/podcast for STAARcon to writing and then back to podcasting. In between, I found moments of stillness, where I could once again look at my squirrel buddies and connect with the outer world.

Where do you desire to go while it’s cold? What items do you keep in your backpack? I’d love to know so, please, email me your thoughts.