End of April Wrap-up

Welcome to April’s end of the month wrap-up post. In this post, we discover how the planning spread got implemented and where I ended up. 

Theme: Resolve
How: Queen of Wands
Helper: Snow Leopard (be sheltering)

April 2020 Planning Spread. Click to embiggen.

At the beginning of this month, I set the definition of Resolve as “letting your will be stronger than your self-doubt.” I think I did okay. Life did give me its ups and downs, so there were times where my will was NOT stronger than my doubt. I fretted. I slacked off. I napped. Doing these things was okay because they were things I could do in my sphere of control to help me bounce back and be better towards the end of this month.

I tried to focus more during April. I tried to push my creativity a bit more, and boy howdy did that backlash. The Queen was NOT focused this month. She was present, and she allowed me some space to design some items and do some things. But she wanted me to shine in areas outside of writing and reading. So we compromised. I indulged her with fabrics, and she let me play in graphic design land. I didn’t do small steps daily. Instead, I waited until the last minute and got it all done. I hope to correct this in the days and months to come. For now, however, I’m going against my usual designs.

I miss our kitty, Imoen. She’s been gone for over a month now. Any cats or kitten images make me long for hearing her purr or prance around. Snow Leopard has helped shape my shelter-in-place awareness. My empathy has expanded to being aware of others and their situations. I am glad I don’t have kids while this is all going down, and I feel for my friends and their kids as they figure out new schedules and tricks to staying busy while going through all of this. We’ve hit a good balance of going out and staying in at home, so that’s some progress. I am SO ready to have some stable sense of ritual: daily, weekly, and monthly come back into play.

How are all you doing? Any news coming in from your corner of the world?