Going to Readers Studio 2015

Go to RS15 by Carrie Paris (used with permission)
Go to RS15 by Carrie Paris (used with permission)

The Readers Studio in New York. Since then, my life took a bit of a detour when I moved from Washington State into Portland, Oregon and then had to deal with life challenges. This year definitely has pushed me on those challenges but I am going to RS15 and this is going to revitalize my love for Tarot and gives me a chance to reconnect to my tribe.

Three of my favorite tribemates are on main stage this year: Theresa Reed, Carrie Paris, and Ellen Lorenzi-Prince. I can’t wait to see what these fabulous women present and I’m going to be all smiles to see them present.

Are you going to RS15?

Let me know, I’d love to hang! (Also, Big props to Carrie Paris who gave me permission to use her awesome image for today’s post.)

2 thoughts on “Going to Readers Studio 2015”

  1. Hi Jaymi–
    This morning I was simply Googling for blogs that might be talking about Reader’s Studio this year, and yours popped up! Glad to hear you’re making this trek (all the way across country!) to reader’s studio to reconnect with friends. I’m not attending, but look forward to hearing vicariously about the event, so don’t forget to blog about it!!
    (For context, I met you at BATS two years ago… We were attempting to attend one of the sessions but the presenter mysteriously never showed up! And you, magnificently, bravely, and GENEROUSLY stepped right up–along with another attendee–and gave an ad hoc presentation of your own and SAVED THE DAY! WhwoooHooo! I’m the one who gave you a handmade roll-top knit deck bag as a thank you gift after your presentation.)
    Have a safe and fabulous time on your NY Readers’ Studio adventure!
    Blessings and cheer!
    Thom Courcelle

    1. Hi Thom,
      Thank you for stopping by. I had such a good time at Readers Studio this year. It was ah-maz-ing. I got home last night and have been slowly integrating myself. So stay tuned for my wrap up (with pix) and a Tarot Visions podcast piece (with SallyRose and Charlie) soon. I hope you’ll be able to attend one day. They rock!
      That’s RIGHT… I did do that. And I do remember the fabulous bag. I still have it in fact, snuggled with one of my decks. Thank you for making it. I love dressing my decks in clothing. Do you use the material? I’d love to know how you put a spin on it!
      Thanks for getting in touch with me!

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