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House Hunting Tarot Style

We just had a very powerful full moon over the 4th through the 6th. For those of us who believe in magic, the full moon is the perfect time to use the full illumination of the planet to achieve goals, receive blessings, and to ensure the best possible outcome for a magical working… like the one I want to describe in this set of posts on how to use tarot in attaining your dreams and goals.

My partner’s company got bought out and the commute is not a good one. Therefore, we decided to relocate from Vancouver, WA to Portland, OR. I knew that this needed to happen and needed to happen fast. Enter the perfect time for using magic.

All you need to work magic like I’m going to describe in this series is:

Any tarot deck can be used, but I recommend that you use a deck that you don’t read from. I have a dedicated magical working deck that I use to perform my spells with. However, because this ritual has three parts, I needed 3 decks. So I used all three of my Rider Waite decks. After each ritual gets laid out, you need to keep the cards out until the goal is complete or you feel that the magic has affected the goal.

As you can see, I’m putting my own designs on the line here. However, magic is worked best when you use your own energies and designs. Therefore, using my own spread helps aid more power and energy to get my goal. I also have had many friends use this spread with great success so I feel confident in that it can help you attain your own desires.

You also need to have an idea of what the end result will look like. The more specific you can be, the stronger your magic will be. In my case, I could have had the end result to be “find a new house in Portland, OR”. However, that is a bit too generic. I had three goals in mind:

I wanted our current house to sell quick, I wanted to find “our” home, and I wanted a smooth transition.

Combining the three-step goal with the fact that I had 3 days of full moon power at my disposal, I decided that each part became it’s own ritual spread. To find out more about my adventures in house hunting with tarot magic, read part one where I set up the release of our old house.