June 2020 Planning Spread

To recap, in 2020 I’m using these decks: The Sovereign Oracle, the mini Ceccoli Tarot, and the Animantras deck. I chose them because I wanted to play with mini decks this year. They give me a theme, a means to apply the theme, and a cute animal to act as the guide for the lesson. This whole spread sits on my desk where I can see it, work with the energies, and integrate them into my day.

Theme: Undergrowth
How: 6 of Cups
Helper: Whale (be grand)

June 2020 Planning Spread.
June 2020 Planning Spread. Click to embiggen.

I’m being called to explore and celebrate what is happening beneath the surface of my world in June. It’s pride month and while we’re still shut-in, I feel it’s important to celebrate my partner and her transition journey. And my own, for I am asexual. I rarely give myself the opportunity to take space and give thanks to all that I have accomplished and helped birth into this world. And Undergrowth is here to remind me of these items.

How I’m going to do this is with the Six of Cups. Long noted as a card of nostalgia, the six of cups is also a heart-connection card for me. It’s about choices and relating to one another and to really build those connections. So, this month I’ll work on making the connections to those I care about stronger. To let people I care about know I really DO care about them.

This month’s helper is whale with their message of “be grand”. Whale wants me to live large and take space. In this strange “stay at home” times, I’ve been wearing my headphones more. To take less space. To be smaller than I normally am. There’s so much video chats going on around the house during the day, it’s hard for me to want to take space and be loud. I’ll be attempting to become the opposite this month as I work through the challenges.