March 2020 Wrap-up

Welcome to March’s end of the month wrap-up series. In this post, we discover how the planning spread got implemented and where I ended up.

Theme: Resources
How: 6 of Wands
Helper: Unicorn (be unique)

March 2020 Planning Spread. Click to embiggen.

COVID-10 took this month into a tailspin for us all. Events canceled all across the board. Friends got sick with the virus (local and in the tarot community), and we are all eagerly waiting for the time when we can resume a “normal” schedule. At the beginning of the month, I discussed plans for using my resources to get me out and in the community more. As we can see between the last post and this one, my original ideas got paused.

Yes, I took stock of my resources. However, the types of resources I counted and purchased moved away from tarot and writing-related and more into personal survival items. I keep saying this and will repeat it, who knew we’d be in a global pandemic in 2020? Not me. I’ve been sheltered-in-place since the end of NWTS. My partner and I have gone out a few times for food and other supplies. The only time I leave home is to deal with health appointments like shots.

I had been making plans to visit metaphysical stores in the last half of 2002. To host classes, book signings, and tarot readings. All that is now on hold.

Instead, I found lots around the house to keep me motivated. These are the resources I’ve used to keep me motivated through the past weeks. I’m finishing online classes (slowly), writing articles and blog posts, and using zoom and other online tools to keep in touch with my friends. While I have a large backlog of books to read, it’s been hard for me to read. Instead, I’m listening to podcasts (tarot, writing, and folklore related) and watching gamers play stuff online. I may also get back into crocheting some tarot bags, which can be done quickly and while watching TV.

How are all you doing? I’ve been reaching out to friends on Facebook, Twitter, and texts.