November 2020 Virtual Events

November 2020 Main Event

Announcing two events I’m participating in with the fantastic Jenna Matlin of Queen of Wands fame!

This Friday (November 6, 2020), we’ll be going live on Jenna’s Instagram channel. Listen in as we talk about animal symbolism. I’ll share some tips about how you can use them in your readings and a bit about my connections to the animal world. Through the event, we’ll be pulling cards from Jamie Sawyer’s Nature Portals.

Friday’s event is hype everyone up for next week’s Main Event. Throughout this year Jenna was hosting a Gallery Reading event where she and a lucky reader sit on zoom for a few hours to read up to 25 lucky guests! Next Thursday, November 19th at 7 pm Eastern, she and I will be reading for those lucky attendees. This is the last time she’s hosting these reading Galleries. So if you wanted to know what goes on, it’s time to sign up!

Secure YOUR LIMITED SEAT at next Thursday’s Gallery visit Jenna’s acuity page now!