October 2019 Planning Spread

To recap, in 2019 I’m using these decks: Awakened Soul Oracle, the Luminous Tarot, and Mudras for Awakening: The Energy Body Deck. I chose them because they fit in with the idea of giving me a theme, a means to apply the theme, and a physical hand position to guide me into the lesson. This last card sits at my desk and helps remind me of my goals and gives me support when I need it.

Theme: Mantra
How: Ace of Swords
Helper: 19. Commitment

October 2019 Planning Spread.

This month I’ll be looking at what mantras I speak to myself. A mantra is a repetition of word(s) we say over and over again. Mantras are usually associated in spiritual systems. I like how Ethony broadens the idea of mantras to include the repetitions of ideas, or saying, we tell ourselves. She says, “You are being urged to use positive and kind words about yourself and when you talk about yourself.” Words have power, they really do. And to have this theme come after the notion of Truth is a powerful and positive reminder of the power of words. I am horrible when it comes to praise and kindness to myself. I have a hard time treating myself in the same way I treat others. Therefore, I see myself learning to rewrite, overwrite, and generally learn how to be the best friend to myself. Time to craft new words for myself.

How I’ll be doing this is in the Ace of Swords. I see the Ace of Swords as the seed to new ideas, new ways of thinking. It will help me craft these kind mantras for myself. Brainstorm new ways to make these habits hold and give me the power to create clear directions. I love the image in this deck. The sword is growing out of the third eye, almost as a beacon for others to see. People sense energy patterns. If I can rewrite the mantras I project out to the world, maybe I can learn to live more truthfully.

Commitment is October’s mudra. This helper card aids in determination and focus. It takes a lot of willpower and desire to overcome old patterns. I’ll be needing this position to boost the desire and focus for examining my mantras. Again, I see some synchronicity in with the other cards of this spread. I’ll also incorporate this mudra into my morning and evening rituals.