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Readers Studio Day Four

The last day of The Readers Studio is filled with interesting tarot-filled news, a revisit of the Foundation Reading and tearful good byes. Woke up and had a wonderful breakfast with my roomies (Drew and RoseRed). Dan Pelltier joined us and it was fun geeking out about video games and punk rock music of the 70s. My roommate for this evening, Theresa Reed, texted me and I moved my stuff into her luxurious accommodations for this evening. Can’t wait for our pajama party. (Thanks Theresa, you ROCK)

Normally, the first bit of the day is to revisit the Foundation Reading and see it with all the new information that you have learned through the past two or three days. Unfortunately, RoseRed, Drew, and I had a booth to pack up so the revisit to our readings are postponed for a later Skype video time. Sold some more things as we packed everything up so our loads were a lot lighter.

The next session was a cool Tarot Incubation session where 6 stations got set up. And at each table there was a different topic to discuss from Growing a Tarot Business to Tarot as a Performing art. I’m low on energy, feeling sad for the end (as it usually happens to me), so I didn’t participate. As my friend Shari says, “I did my own thing and was a rebel.”

We broke for lunch and hotel check-outs. I watched all our gear while Rose and Drew braved the streets of NYC once again to mail boxes back to the West Coast. During this brief period of quietude I took the time to blog and work on my projects. They returned and treated me out to a spot of lunch before the final events of the day which they didn’t join for due to their flight. Bidding them a tearful good bye I rejoined the rest of the participants in the ballroom for the final few hours of the day. Needing a boost of energy, I opted to sit next to Shari who didn’t disappoint.

We were treated to the first 10 minutes of the new movie Tarology, an indie flick that discuss Tarot as seen through the eyes of Enrique Enriquez. The film includes interviews with many of our tribe, and every time someone’s name and face appeared on scree, we all cheered. Once our preview completed, we were treated to a special Q&A session with Enrique and the film’s creators.

Ending the convention was the annual certificates and announcements for speakers next year. Due to all the clapping and cheering I almost didn’t receive my certificate. Time to start brainstorming ideas on how to boost the signal for hearing my name at future conferences and festivals. Congrats to Ferol Humphrey, Nancy Antenucci, and Major Tom Schick for being chosen to give the 3 master classes at RS2013! Thursday’s pre-class has been turned into a one day tarot and counseling mini-conference.

Round two of the hugathon happened as those who remained said goodbyes. Theresa and I went to our room to rest and rejuvenate before heading back down to the lobby for a special dinner. I got to be her date as we double dated, then triple dated with Barbara, Lisa, and Mike Hernandez. Once dinner finished, we headed back to the hotel to end the night with a wine nightcap, and cupcake cutting ceremony that mimicked our last year’s big win during Barbara’s class. (mmm cuppycake awesomeness). Theresa made sure I was in bed by 10:30 and I slept peacefully until my 4am wake up call to return to normality.

I had such a good time this year, it was an epic experience. I cannot wait to tell everyone about my experiences with the classes, stories, and people I am so utterly in love with. Thank you Ruth Ann, Wald, and all the volunteers who make this event as special and wonderful as it is. Looking forward to seeing what next year offers!