Review: Tarot Foundations

Tarot Foundations cover by Brigit Esselmont
Tarot Foundations cover by Brigit Esselmont

Tarot Foundations by Brigit Esselmont
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There are a lot of good tarot books out there that teach tarot. Tarot Foundations is one of them. Styled as a workbook, it gives you daily small focused chunks of learning tarot card meanings, spreads, and interpretations. While it’s for those who know nothing of tarot, even us more experienced can find something inside to try and test out. Brigit Esselmont, owner of Biddy Tarot, shares her years of experience with readers and takes the scary out of learning the card’s system.

I love workbook style formats. Esselmont does a great job breaking down the bits of tarot and leading readers through a step-by-step format of knowing the cards She stars with the basics, and then moves into the cards by group, before finally showing you how you can read and start your own tarot reading service. There are a lot of activities in this book and it may take readers more than 31-days to finish the work herein.

It took me a lot longer to finish Tarot Foundations than I expected. With this being an eBook, there are also lots of links to Esselmont’s blog and other sites. Some of the links are not working but that doesn’t deter from the content. She’s even included charts and worksheets that you can use to record your own explorations. My biggest problem was wanting to play with the cards after every day.

BOTTOM LINE: If you are intimidated by tarot and want a safe and steady way to learn the cards then give Brigit Esselmont’s Tarot Foundations a try.