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Super Blue Full Moon Eclipse in Leo Readings

Wonderful Full Moon Eclipse in Leo image designed by Carrie Paris and used with permission.

Say it with me now, “Super Blue Full Moon Eclipse in Leo,” what a mouth-full, right? But that’s what we had earlier this morning at 5:30am Pacific. Before I get into the spreads, here’s a recap of what that all means. We get 13 full moons a year. Sometimes, on average 2.5 years, we get what’s known as a blue moon… a fancy way of saying two full moons in a month. On top of that, the moon was also a super one, meaning the moon is closest to the earth. So it appears bigger when we look up. Full moons, for the magically minded, are great times of the lunar cycle to charge forward with new projects, powering up wishes and hopes for the best outcomes. The Leo bit is the astrology of where the moon appeared as far as signs go, so it takes on the traits of the leonine personalities (which I so happen to be one, ahem). Eclipses happen when the moon passes behind the Earth into the shadow. Apparently this is the first time in 152 years that we’ve gotten this combo. Amazing, right?

What can we do with all this? We use this info to see how these energies influence tarot and tarot readings. To start, I looked at what Theresa Reed, the Tarot Lady had to say. She’s both a tarot reader and an astrologist. She posted this lovely bit about the cards she drew for each sign according to this event. Here’s what she said about Leo:

Leo: Five of Pentacles: Proud Leo, this Moon is going to hit you directly. Which means you may want to consider asking for help if there is something in your life that is dragging you down. What or whom needs to go? Seeks some support around this – and then drop that heavyweight so that you can rise to your full potential. If you continue to hang on to the things or people you’ve outgrown, your journey ahead will be tougher than it needs to be. This day is also excellent for making a change in your finances. Whether you start a new job, invest smarter, or finally accept help into your life, a change today could have lovely consequences down the road.

So, with that in mind, I prepped for the event and my own readings by placing my tarot deck, pen, journal, and phone (with spreads queued up) on my night stand. Then, I set my alarm for 5:25, giving me just enough time to feel somewhat awake to read some cards. Getting up this early isn’t easy, let me tell ya, but I did it.

Sadly, I wasn’t able to view the epic red moon. Too many clouds obscuring from where I am. But the energies were potent. I originally was going to do one quick three card reading but for some reason, I did two. Maybe I wanted to go deeper for this, to highlight the depth of combining tarot and astrology with the lunar phases. Maybe I’m just an over achiever? Whatever the reason, you win and get to view my interpretation of two spreads.

My January 2018 Leo Full Blue Moon spread from Ethony Dawn. Featuring the Triple Goddess Tarot.

The first reading I choose to do was from my pal, Ethony Dawn. She did an amazing 5-card spread specifically geared towards this event. Here’s what I got:

1. Personal power: Where is my power during this full moon?
Page of Wands. This card is a force of actively practicing your creativity. So, during this time (and it’s so true for today because I have been steeped in creative design projects) I’m going to put my creation making process into overtime. Writing, designing, anything I deem creative gets a workout. Yay!

2. Drop the drama: What belief, relationship or habit no longer serves me?
6 of Pentacles. Okay, so this was hard-hitting. This card represents reciprocity for me. It’s the equal exchange of energies. So get back what you put out. I’m taking this card to heart. It’s time to declutter and cut out the relationships, energies, and exchanges that do not feel equal. Time to take back my power and put it towards efforts which feel mutually good.

3. Take a risk: What area of my life could benefit from a risk taken?
Moon. I am so glad this card showed up in a spread. I especially love my Triple Moon card. The moon is about busting through illusions, that the darkness is not at all what it seems. So, quite literally, I need to examine the darkness in my life, dare to challenge some assumptions, and push forward to mold my life how I want. I also need to accept certain things about myself which I haven’t been able to do yet. Life is a work in process.

4. Be creative: How am I being challenged to be creative and think outside the box?
Tower. Creativity, at its core, is destructive. Flashes of insight come at inopportune times, and if you don’t grab hold of them, they may pass you by. The Tower is a wonderful card for creativity. It asks me to shake up what I do and what I know, and get innovative. Try new things, shake up routines.

5. My needs: Where am I seeking validation in my life?
5 of Wands. Ah, the card of chaos and confusion and loosing perspective. Yeah, I’m really good at loosing perspectives. Being self-employed is hard because you do so much and sometimes. No one gives you feed back on what you do, how you do it, or what you can be improved. As a Leo, I’m very outward focused. I seek attention and validation outside of myself. Well, I can’t do that anymore. I need to stop looking for others to tell me how good I am and just remind myself that I am awesome. Time to flip the table and give myself credit for the shit-ton of awesome things I do on a daily basis.

My January 2018 Leo Full Blue Moon spread from Lori Lyle. Featuring the Triple Goddess Tarot.

This next spread, crafted by Lori Lytle, was going to be the only spread I played with during this time. It’s a simple 3-card draw that seems to help you reveal, release, and focus on for this period of time. I think this is a great spread to attune a reading around the energies of a full moon. It may become something I do during each full moon.

1. What truth is being revealed to me?
Knight of Swords. The Knight of Swords is a quick thinker and doer. This describes me as I can never shut my brain off. I’m always thinking about the next project, the next day, and what could be. I’m an insomniac who has to run her batteries out ever day so she can get some sleep. The truth here is that this is not sustainable. I need to find a way to balance all this heady stuff with living a real life of accomplishment.

2. What needs to be released?
Temperance. Another favorite card from the deck, this is all about finding balance and restoring sanity. When this card flipped out from the deck, I was confused at first. Why should I release temperance? It’s alchemy, the blending of things to create a new thing. That’s good, right? Well, perhaps I already have it. This is a bit like the 5 of Wands card from above. Instead of seeking out for this thing, perhaps I need to sit with the idea that I already have it. The balance of my life IS temperance, not some elusive goal with no clear image of what it looks like.

3. Where will it serve me well to focus my intention and energy?
Justice. In an odd sense, we’re back to a balance. However, this balance is more karmic. I see Justice as an answer to this question as being what will happen once I relax and release burdens. Sometimes, I feel like I have a tight grasp on things (projects, schedules, stress). Doing this causes more anxiety. It’s a vicious cycle that needs to stop. If I follow Lori’s first card items, then I can relax more. I give myself up to the larger picture and allow new flow into my life. Doing so elevates me to a higher level and gives me more freedom to create and pick projects I want to do.

And there you have it. Did you do anything for the Super Blue Full Moon Eclipse this morning? Did you get any good photos of the moon? Please let me know!