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New Class: Divination for the Curious

I’m co-teaching a class on tarot and runes with my friend Anna. This isn’t a how to read type of class, however. I’m still developing that course. Instead, this two-hour class is geared for the general public who are curious about the tarot and runes and want to know more about the history, structure, and how to find a reader. If any of this sounds like you, then come join us on Sunday, July 13th at 3pm.

Divination for the Curious

Sunday, July 11th, 3-5pm
at 1811 Main Street, Suite 200 Vancouver, WA, 98660
Come learn about the mystical arts of tarot and runes. Let Anna and Jaymi introduce you to the divination tools, their history and myths, and help you select the right reader to guide your questions. This class does not teach how to read with the tools. It gives a general overview for the curious. No experience necessary, and no prejudices allowed. No cost, this one’s on us!

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Speaking at SF BATS

SFBATS LogoI’m excited to announced that I am a confirmed speaker for the 2010 San Francisco Bay Area Tarot Symposium (BATS). This a two-day tarot event, hosted by Thalassa and the Daughters of Divination, is dedicated solely to the love of tarot. There’ll be workshops, a tarot bazaar, raffles, and of course, readers and tarot enthusiasts from all over the world. I attended last year and had an absolute blast!

Speakers this year include: Mary Greer, James Wanless, Teressena Bakens, Joseph Ernest Martin, Marcus Katz, Diane Wilkes, Ellen Lorenzi Prince, myself, Ms Rabbitt McMatthews, and many more who have not been announced.

My workshop teaches attendees how to use their tarot decks to inspire the storytelling muses in all of us. I’ll give attendants some ideas on how to craft characters, settings, and plot for their own stories. You can discover what I teach by visiting my class offerings page.

If you love tarot and live on the West Coast, you do not want to miss this annual event!

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Towards a Tarot Degree

I’ve wanted tarot certification for a while now. Therefore it shouldn’t be a surprise that one of my 2009 goals is to get certified. This is important to me. I want validation on my knowledge and I when I teach tarot classes, I want to tell people that they can trust me and my knowledge because I’ve taken classes and gotten certification. Kender and I agreed that once we got our 2008 tax return he’d get a new Macbook Pro and I’d use my portion to pay for tarot classes. Our return hit the bank account Friday (insert much happy dancing here) and we put the order in for his new system yesterday.

I just finished paying for the Tarot School’s Correspondence Degree Program. It’s a 15-month program designed to solidify and certify people in tarot. I’m excited… looking forward to the start! This is one of two programs I’m going to get certified in. The other one is a “Transformational Tarot” and focuses more on how tarot can transform your life.

As I go through the classes and exercises I’ll post my responses here. That way, for those interested, you can all see exactly what I think and am going through. WHEEEE! *does the happy dance a little more*