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New Class: Divination for the Curious

I’m co-teaching a class on tarot and runes with my friend Anna. This isn’t a how to read type of class, however. I’m still developing that course. Instead, this two-hour class is geared for the general public who are curious about the tarot and runes and want to know more about the history, structure, and how to find a reader. If any of this sounds like you, then come join us on Sunday, July 13th at 3pm.

Divination for the Curious

Sunday, July 11th, 3-5pm
at 1811 Main Street, Suite 200 Vancouver, WA, 98660
Come learn about the mystical arts of tarot and runes. Let Anna and Jaymi introduce you to the divination tools, their history and myths, and help you select the right reader to guide your questions. This class does not teach how to read with the tools. It gives a general overview for the curious. No experience necessary, and no prejudices allowed. No cost, this one’s on us!