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Crafty Ideas for World Tarot Day

So, no sooner than I get my World Tarot and Towel Day post up, my friend Cori (hi, cori) writes me back with this wonderful crafty idea that honors and celebrates both days:

Take a large white towel (may want to wash first, to remove the sizing). Using either non-alcohol based inks or acrylic paint (easily gotten from a local craft store), paint a simple Tarot image on it.

Alternatively, enlarge or screen-print a copy of your favorite card (with artist permission) onto a piece of fabric. Then glue or whipstitch it onto the towel.

Lug this around all day, or use as a flag–whatever feels right to you!  🙂

Thanks for the inspiration cori. I think I may have to try something similar at home on the 25th!