Tarot Answers ANY Question

Tarot has the power to answer questions. As a reader, I get a wide variety of questions about all sorts of aspects of our life.

Questions about where we are; what we want; and who we want to be with. Framing the right question to ask the cards is so important to getting an answer you can understand and immediately apply to your situation. In many cases, seekers come to me wondering how they can improve their life.

Earlier today, I came across this Cracked article where they try to provide answers to “Society’s Most Uncomfortable Questions.” While I read through the page, I thought to myself, “Hey, what a great way to put tarot to the test.” After all, the cards can provide insight into any situation, right? So I put my Steampunk Tarot to good use and pulled a single card to answer each of the questions that page asked.

Why Do People Shit On Me Just Because I’m (White/Male/Straight/Etc.)?

Two of Cups from The Steampunk Tarot
Two of Cups from The Steampunk Tarot

Two of Cups. People shit on you because of love and relationships. Love? WTF? What does this mean. Love does strange things to us all. When we enter a partnership, we enter a period of time where we learn about how each other think, feel, and interact with all around us. It isn’t always sunshine and unicorns. I occasionally lash out in love due to not having the right words. Perhaps I shit on someone out of love because I am being misunderstood myself. It takes two to tangle and sometimes when we get shit on it’s because we allow others to do it to us.

Why Is Everything Always Getting Worse?

10 of Swords from The Steampunk Tarot
10 of Swords from The Steampunk Tarot

10 of Swords. I swear I shuffled this deck, honest. The 10 of Swords is about endings. In every moment of every day, we experience some sort of ending. I experience little pangs of endings with each word I complete, with each project I complete. Endings can be good and they can be bad. Perspective determines what we see as “better” or “worse”. Things get worse because we allow the endings to sway us from one side to another.

Why Do People Act Like Sexism/Racism/Etc. Are Rampant, When Even Mild Jokes About Those Things Will Ruin Your Career Now?

The Empress from The Steampunk Tarot
The Empress from The Steampunk Tarot

The Empress. People love to be catered to their needs. The Empress reminds us that we all desire to be in the limelight. All this stuff is rampant because people cannot settle on a clear aesthetics setting. We, also, don’t censor ourselves to think about what we say affect others and this attributes to why these jokes exist.
Why Do I Get Blamed For Things My Grandparents Did?

The 6 of Pentacles from The Steampunk Tarot
6 of Pentacles from The Steampunk Tarot

6 of Pentacles. You get blamed for things your grandparents did because of the way our society perceives balance. Your grandparents probably got blame for things their own grandparents did, and it goes on and on like a cycle. The key to this card is how we want to balance the scales, and the blame game never ends. The only way we can get out of this Why question is to end the cycle by not playing. We were all born with choice, so why not choose to step off this wheel and follow your own path?

Why Can’t We Just Put This Stupid Shit Aside And Treat Each Other Like Human Beings?

Two of Pentacles from The Steampunk Tarot
2 of Pentacles from The Steampunk Tarot

Two of Pentacles. Traditionally a card of discovering balance and juggling expectations, the two of pentacles cuts to the core of this question by asking us what is of value. What is “this stupid shit” anyways. Once we identify what we mean by this stupid shit then perhaps we can focus on making things better for all, and coming up with an idea of what it means to really be human.

What do You think of the answers to these questions? Do you use Tarot to answer questions that many might shy away from?