Upcoming Class: Tarot Spirits, Stars and Shadow

Starting on October 25, 2021, the Birch Grove Hearth is hosting a 7 week, live class using tarot and shamanism to:

Engage powerful methods for working shamanically with Tarot Spirit Allies and astrological life cycles to clear Shadow issues so you can live a life you love.

Entitled, Tarot Spirits: Stars & Shadows, I’m promoting this class because the creator, Reid Hart, has asked me to present a bonus class entitled:

with Jaymi Elford

In this exclusive video class, Jaymi teaches ways you can use Tarot to ritualize your life. Learn how to chart your daily vibes, read the monthly lunar cycles, and align with the seasons using your favorite tarot deck. She’ll also give you a taste of how you can use the cards to craft a year-long personalized ritual to reach your goals.

I’ll be sharing techniques out of Tarot Inspired Life and giving attendees a 10-page handout to help you attune your cards to various cycles in nature to be ritualized. I’ve also signed up for this because I’m doing a deep dive into my shadow side.

The class costs $247 USD and goes from October 25 until December 13th. Visit the Birch Grove’s landing page for Tarot Spirits: Stars and Shadow for all the information you need, including the class syllabus.