WDA Nominated Something I Did

Image shows the cover of the Heaven and Earth tarot and that it's been nominated for an 2021 world divination association award
The Heaven and Earth Tarot got nominated for Best Deck Release of 2021 by the World Divination Association

In addition to doing tarot readings and teaching, I also write booklets (and books) for various decks. My main client is Lo Scarabeo and you can find a list of decks (and everything I’ve been published in) over at my writing site. One of the decks I did in 2020, a Qabalah-inspired deck called Heaven & Earth was nominated for Best Deck of 2021 over at the World Divination Association.

This is such an honor to know people in the community like the work that I do with artists who make stunning art. If you get a chance, pop over to the site and vote for us! You’ll have to scroll down the page until you see this section:

Text reads: Best Deck Release 2021, Tarot of the Abyss; Rainbow Kipper; White Numen Tarot; Heaven & Earth; 2020 Lenormand; Rainbow Seekers Tarot; Luna Sol Tarot; Pocket of Peers; Tarot Decoratif; Gold Lyre Tarot; Mystic Midnight Oracle
Check out this amazing list of decks up for Best Deck Release 2021 award from the World Divination Association