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WTTD 2013

Welcome to WTTD (World Tarot and Towel Day) 2013. this year I’m doing something different. I’m on the road and out of town in Santa Clara attending and speaking at BayCon 2013. The hotel provided my towel, and I was pleased to see many other attendees carrying their own towel on this wonderfully geeky (and tarot-tastic) holiday.

I wasn’t able to draw a card today; however, my awesome tarot friend, Marcia McCord, offered free, two-card draws today and this is what she drew for me:

Light and Dark: Light: Sun, your sunshine is spreading like the dawn! Let it rise in steady progression without concern for capacity or clouds. Dark: 3 of Cups, while you’re working on a large scale, keep in close touch with your dear friends. They need a little sunshine in their cups right now.

Honestly, this little reading summed up my day perfectly. I hope you all had a great WTTD and enjoyed your day as much as I did today. Happy WTTD 2013!