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13 Days: The Chariot

The Chariot from The Shadowscapes Tarot
The Chariot from The Shadowscapes Tarot

The Chariot is a card on the move. People who get the Chariot are going places. They’re movers and shakers and they know what they want. It’s all about getting things done and having the energy to move forward with plans and ideas.

For me, I feel like my life has become one big appointment after another. I’ve been moving so fast that all I want to do with my downtime is sleep and rest. Last night we were out talking to a realtor and didn’t get home until bedtime. I’m tired today and that’s why I didn’t get this post up. The Chariot is my reminder that when I’m at The Readers Studio, to try and find pockets of time where I don’t have to be go go go. It’s good to be busy and on the move, but when it comes down to it, rest and some time to myself is also required.

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