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19 Days: Death

Death from The Shadowscapes Tarot
Death from The Shadowscapes Tarot

Today’s stop on the countdown features Death. Talk about how timely and appropriate this card is for me. Death is all about change and transformation, and the phoenixes on the Shadowscapes Tarot illustrate this concept brilliantly.

I’ve always said that change is one thing everyone can expect. Life is one big series of change, one after another. And right now I’m faced with a huge change in my personal journey. Having to move from the home I have lived in for 12 years to a new one down in Southwest Portland, OR.

While I am excited about this change, I’m also nervous and scared for I have never sold a house or purchased a new one before. There’s a whole slew of unknowns and I wish I could wave the Magician’s magic wand and just have this all done in a single poof. Instead, I need to remind myself to breathe and take this change one step at a time, and not rush into the flames of change to fast.