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2010 World Tarot Towel Tea Party Recap

Tuesday was World Tarot Day and apparently, Towel Day, and Wear Lilac Day as well. So, armed with that information I decided that it was only fitting that I did any, and all readings, on a towel. (The lilac part comes in later *gryn*.) I invited my tarot enthusiast friend over for a Tarot Party and boy did we have fun.

Me with my card of the day for World Tarot Day.

As part of the official World Tarot Day fun, I participated in the one-card draw that answered the question, “What is the message of Tarot to us worldwide at this time?” I drew the Eight of Swords from the Shadowscapes Tarot. I interpreted this card as, “The Spirit of Tarot says that we should stop relying on one sense (our eyes) and use the rest of our senses when dealing with the world around us. In doing so, we shall be free from the prison that we’ve made for ourselves.”

Then WTTTP kicked off around noon with hugs from my friend Ember (meeting the hug your favorite Tarot Reader quota). We immediately loaded into the car to eat a good lunch, capped with shakes from Cold Stone. We rushed home and settled in to figure out what tarot-y things to do. We started by exchanging readings using our favorite decks. I spent the day focusing on the Shadowscapes Tarot and she used the Fantastical Tarot deck.

After taking turns reading, we spent a bit of time journalling about the reading and meanings and questions posed to each other. We then talked a bit about our decks and which, if any, we’d cull. I slid over the Shadowscapes book and my friend started leafing through it. She stopped on the section that contained some tarot spreads and said, “Huh… that one looks interesting. We should try it.” The spread in question was the A Journey and man were the results interesting and accurate. We decided to just use the meanings from the book on this one as we read the cards and pulled what grabbed our inner intuitions as we read.

I was very impressed with the A Journey Spread. We gained a lot of insight as to why we were feeling stifled and got a greater idea of where the big picture was going. A lot of psychic anvils were dropped on the both of us. There were times when we both were all, “DOY…DUH” when the cards reminded us of things that we knew but hadn’t started yet. And to honor the Wear Lilac Day, one of the cards even had pictures of gorgeous lilacs on it. In the end, we felt armed with more ideas on how we can get back on our path and refocus our energies.

All in all I had a blast with our WTTTP Day and hope to participate again next year. The official site posted a page of 40+ tarot readers and the cards they choose for theVoice of the Tarot for 2010 (page now defunct). I highly recommend you go check it out.