2018 NYE Spead

The last sunset of 2018.
Taken at Gabriel Park in SW PDX.

Welcome to the 2018 installment of a NYE Spread. I performed this spread during the day because in a few hours I’ll be reading tarot at a local private event. This year’s spread is from Lori Lytle and is called Pomegranate New Year Tarot Spread. This six card spread caught my eye because it has a combination of future casting and magical attraction.

Once again I used Benebell Wen’s Spirit Keeper’s Tarot as it’s still December. I’m sad to say this reading will be the last time I work with this deck exclusively. According to what Lori says, the spread has no fixed layout, so I made my own circular pattern. (I did, for a brief moment, think about shuffling the deck, picking six cards, and then tossing those into the air and randomly selecting their order. However, it’s a bit chaotic to record in a blog post.)

The 6 card spread I used to bring in 2018.
My layout for the Pomegranate New Year Tarot Spread by Lori Lytle. Cards are from the Spirit Keepers Tarot by Benebell Wen.

Card One: The Outlook for the Year Ahead.
The Empress. One of my birth cards, I feel right at home drawing her on the first shot. Next year is going to be big. I am promoting Tarot Inspired Life, teaching classes, touring, and I have two new books I want to work on. This is all in addition to reading tarot and all the other cool things I do. She is my creativity, and reminds me about the abundance of all I do. So indulge in what I do best: write, art, tarot.

Card Two: Where My Luck Lies.
7 of Pentacles. The title for this card is The Gardener, and I agree. My luck for next year lies in knowing when to plant a new seed and when to harvest. Timing is key there. So I need to listen to my intuition and get a bit of help from astrology and other systems for sharing new projects and moving forward with other items.

Card Three: Plant These Seeds Now.
3 of Cups. Considering we’re closing out 2018 with the word I picked for the year “connection”, I think I’ve done a good job of building my circles. Time to continue connecting and celebrating with my community and those I love.

Card Four: Put This On Hold For Now.
Ten of Pentacles. I view this card as the “legacy” cards. It’s the stuff I’ll leave behind because I’m not going to have kids. While I want to leave behind a body of work people can enjoy and respect when I am gone. This is not what I should focus on this year. Instead, I’ll be planting new seeds, writing new drafts, and working on the elements for new works.

Card Five: What is Already Growing.
Page of Pentacles. I planted a lot of new ideas and seeds for new works this year, so I can rest knowing that these plans are in motion and working on my behalf. I’ll be listening out for the messages my guides, spirits, and helpers have so I can continue to nurture this growth.

Card Six: Do This to Attract Abundance.
Two of Pentacles. Hah. This one is too perfect. I have issues on finding the right balance. I tend to get in the “flow” of things and hyper-focus on what I am doing until my body is sore, or it’s way to late for bed. In order for me to have more abundance, I need to learn the cycles of work and play more. If I’m not physically or mentally well, then my work suffers and people around me suffer.

What NYE spreads are you performing tonight? Let me know!