2019, A Spread

Happy 2019 everyone! I hope you all had a great 2018, despite global challenges, etc. I’m excited and raring to go for this year. I have big plans and am looking to pour my enthusiasm and energy into all my items.

Tarot Inspired Life, releases in 7 days. SQUEEEE! Ahem, I hope everyone enjoys it and takes the information within and applies it to their own lives. I’ll be doing book signings this month in Seattle (for the ALA Mid-Winter Conference), and at the various conventions I’m attending this year.

I am still trying to figure out how to do more book signings here in PDX and in select places around the US/Canada. You can find all this information over at the book companion site: It also contains downloads, informative posts, and other book-related info.

This page is a place holder for this year’s full series of planning spreads. I had a ton of fun doing this last year. However, that first 36-card all at once glance was hard. So this year, I’ll be doing monthly updates as they happen. Then I will link everything back to this page for easy reference. Just like last year, I’ll post a detailed overview of each set of cards and how I think they’ll influence the month.

This year I chose Ethony Dawn’s Awakened Soul Oracle to provide the themes. I’ll use a tarot deck for each month’s how, and then select cards from the Mudras for Awakening: The Energy Body Deck to serve as as awareness while along the journey. I’ll keep the mudras card at my desk and use the recommended positioning as necessary. 

What I love about doing these planning spreads is the flexibility of how you can build ritual and structure in with any sort of cards. As you look through this spread, and read each month’s details, look for pattens. Some cards might have similar colors, others may have similar names. All these little insights help in understanding the readings and add to interpretation.

Anyhoo, here’s the overall theme spread for all 12 months using the Awakened Soul Oracle. I still need to pick the tarot deck, so I’ll get January’s post up tomorrow; complete with notes. Until then enjoy this small visual peek into my new year!

My themes for 2019. You can click the image to make it bigger. Cards from the Awakened Soul Oracle.
Theme: Song
How: 8 of Swords
Helper: 14. Harmony
Theme: Desire
How: 2 of Swords
Helper: 13. Fluidity
Theme: Devotion
How: Knight of Wands
Helper: 40. Reverence
Theme: Leadership
How: Page of Cups
Helper: 21. Determination
Theme: Silence
How: 6 of Pentacles
Helper: 31. Inner Truth
Theme: Mantra
How: Ace of Swords
Helper: 19. Commitment
Theme: Family
How: 9 of Wands
Helper: 10. Fearlessness
Theme: Surrender
How: The Hierophant
Helper: 36. Higher Knowledge
Theme: Truth
How: The Moon
Helper: 38. Spiritual Truth
Theme: Mantra
How: Ace of Swords
Helper: 19. Commitment
Theme: Authenticity
How: 3 of Cups
Helper: 25. Brilliance
Theme: Shadow
How: 3 of Wands
Helper: 28. Freedom