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8 Days: Judgement

Awakening from The Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert
Awakening from The Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert

Happy Post Taxes time and welcome to the single digit posts! There’s just one more week until I board the plane. Excitement builds! Judgement is such a fitting card for today, for it marks the piercing of the veil. Judgement is the last hurrah, the moment of release where we’ve learned all that we’ll need to know on a topic and cannot go further until we have let go and pushed beyond the known into the unknown. It’s an awakening, a realization of a new moment moment and a new journey.

I spoke about the idea of needing to let go in yesterday’s post and here we are today with Judgement. This is the moment that I need to let go and just know that no matter what happens will happen. It’s time for me to enjoy the trip and know that I have done all I could to prep myself for it. Judgement is here to say, “yep, you’re ready for The Readers Studio. Don’t worry, all that house business will await your return.” And with that strong voice, it’s time I go off and enjoy this day.

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