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I'm teaching summer school this year

Tarot for Goal Manifestation goes live on August 8

The Tarot Readers Academy, Tarot Summer School is back for 2017 and we have assembled some incredible teachers and amazing courses for you. I’m teaching Tarot for Goal Manifestation, a class teaching a small ritual structure using the cards monthly so you can manifest the life you want to live!

As a Tarot Summer School student, you can register for individual courses or you can enroll in the Tarot Summer School Season Pass and get lifetime access to ALL of the courses. ALL 15 masterclasses. FOREVER.

All classes have interactive elements and may include:

  • Worksheets and workbooks
  • Meditations
  • Rituals and activities

Tarot Summer School is perfect for you if you:

  • Look to build your Tarot Reading Repertoire
  • Desire to go Pro with your Tarot Readings
  • Love mastering new aspects of your craft
  • Want to create your own personal practice

Check out the incredible lineup of Experts and offers:

  • Benebell Wen – Tarot and Shadow Work for Activating Dynamic Power
  • Kate Fisher from Daily Tarot Girl – Learn the Tarot Court Cards
  • Vix from New Age Hipster – Tarot For Your Chakras
  • Avalon Cameron – Ritual Tarot
  • Chris-Anne Donnelly – Creating Your Own Tarot and Oracle Deck
  • Jenna Matlin from Queen of Wands Tarot – Tarot and Feng Shui
  • Christiana Gaudet – Anatomy of a Tarot Reading
  • Carrie Mallon – Tarot for Empaths
  • Ethony Dawn – Money Magic & Manifestation with Tarot
  • Kelley Knight from Modern Mystic Tarot – Building Your Brand and Business
  • Jessi Huntenburg  – Reading Tarot Intuitively
  • Melissa White from White Sacred Soul – Mediumship and Tarot
  • Hazellie Wong – Charting Your Future with Tarot & Numerology
  • Jaymi Elford from Inner Compass Tarot – Tarot for Goal Manifestation
  • Jessie Hughes from Pomegranate Tarot – Tarot Journaling

FREE EVENTS for All Students – Campfire Q&A Video Calls
Join our wonderful community for Two Live Campfire Q&A Sessions where you can meet with our teachers and other attendees of Tarot Summer School.

If you are as pumped for Tarot Summer School as we are, come and join us!
Registration now OPEN!
Camp Closes – 11th August 2017
I Want to Go to Tarot Summer School 

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Events Wanted

What can tarot do for you today?
What can tarot do for you today?

Yesterday I found out that Mantra, a place where I’ve been doing wine tasting readings for over a year now, closed. This saddens me because Mantra was such a great place to learn about wine; sit and sip local varieties; and meet new people.

They gave me a great opportunity to read for others at a great location. I enjoyed being able to give something back to the area that I called home.

With Mantra closed, I am now seeking new venues and opportunities to do tarot readings at places in Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon. If you have a bar, club, or gallery and would love to try something new… please give me a buzz. I’d love to show you what tarot and I can do for you.