Countdown to 2014 BATS, Day Eleven

Knight of Cups from Rider Waite Smith (Dover edition)
Knight of Cups from Rider Waite Smith (Dover edition)

Today’s draw is the Knight of Cups. As part of the Cup family, this fellow wears his emotions on his armor. He’s imaginative, thoughtful, and desires to save the princess. In the classic Rider Waite Smith deck he holds out a chalice in front of him as he sits on his horse. I’m also posting this a day late, due to the sad news that Robin Williams passed away. As I now stare at this Knight of Cups, on his horse, I can’t help but think of Robin Williams. A passionate actor, whose varied roles spanned the whole of human emotion. He was a figure of creativity, fought for what’s right, and in the Fisher’s King, he sought the Grail. He was this knight and he touched many of our hearts through laughter and acting.

In my life, I struggle with Depression as well. Yes, that’s a capitol D there. It’s a horrible monster that disempowers our ability to recall the good things that this Knight of Cups loves. I am fortunate to have my family, my friends, a wonderful counselor, and a strong connection to Tarot and my divine helpers. This card, reminds me that I am NOT alone. That I am blessed, we ALL are blessed, with the gifts of emotion and how we can share these feelings with one another. Creatives struggle hard with Depression…I think it’s due to the fact that we seek out the answers to what it means to be human and it brings us to those dark places so we can reveal the whole of humanity.

I may not know you dear reader, but know that I AM with you. Whether or not you call me for the cards, I am there to remind you that you are special. You have purpose. And that you you can do it, whatever it is. Thank you.