Countdown to 2014 BATS, Day Ten

The Chariot from The Shadowscapes Tarot
The Chariot from The Shadowscapes Tarot

Today’s my birthday, and I know I’m late in posting this. I had a fantastic birthday party yesterday. In addition to the surprise of my parents flying into town, my beloved friends RoseRed and Drew Robinson flew up on Friday. Talk about an amazing gift. I was delighted to have them arrive for my 40th. They flew home today, but not after I could take them to Powell’s Books (the prime store on Burnside). While we were there, we met a lovely lady who was celebrating her birthday by gathering pagan and tarot books. Awesome coincidence.

Today’s card isn’t going to be randomly drawn. I’ve hand selected it. If you add the numbers for today’s date up, and do some fancy reduction, you end up with seven. The seventh card of the Major Arcana is The Chariot. This card represents the energy my life’s path will take this year. I’m excited to say that I AM totally embodying this archetype by running around and taking my life in the reigns. Less than two weeks from now I will be at BATS and I am totally stoked!

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