December 2020 Advent Draw 1

December 1, 2020 Advent Calendar Draw: The Magician
December 1, 2020, Advent Calendar draw is the Magician. Click to embiggen

On the first day of December, my solstice advent gave to me… The Magician.

Happy December first, everyone. I swear I mixed everything up really well. Despite my best efforts, the universe wanted me to have The Magician. I love that the message of manifestation and bringing your dreams to life sits on the first day. It’s time to bring out the magic of winter, light some fires, drink some hot chocolate, and recognize the beauty of the change in the season.

The Magician is here to bring some fun into this day. And I think I’ll start reading a few good books while snuggled on the sofa. 

What does The Magician mean to you? Drop a message in my inbox and share a good winter holiday manifestation with me.