December 2020 Advent Draw 2

December 2, 2020 Advent Calendar Draw. Today is the Tower
December 2, 2020, Advent Calendar Draw. Today is the Tower. Click to embiggen

On the second day of December, my solstice advent gave to me… The Tower. 

The Tower is a powerful card, one many readers do not like to get for their clients. Over the years of working with tarot, however, I have found kindness in this card. It asks us to let go and to get back to our fundamentals. These are the building blocks that make each of us unique and can help us recenter and focus our intent on what we want to put out in the world. I used to play a lot of basketball in high school. Our practice sessions weren’t just us playing games over and over again. No, we ran laps around the gym to improve speed. We’d practice various dribbling and passing skills. We’d also play games to help with our aim to make baskets. These are the fundamentals which help players get better. You never stop dribbling or tossing a ball during a game. Dropping a ball or missing a pass can make or break a win.

As we grow older we have our own fundamentals for who we are. These days fundamentals might includes meditation, which helps me breathe. Writing, in the form of blog posts like this, or playing with words to make better sentences. They also include shuffling tarot cards and drawing one daily. Fundamentals help ground us and keep our minds sharp. We never grow out of them. Instead, we always return to them, over and over, so we get better and build new towers where we can see the world afar. And this is the message the Tower shares with me every time I draw it. Go back to the beginning: breathe, read, write, shuffle.

What are your fundamentals? What Towers have you torn down to rebuild anew? Feel free to email me and let me know what activities you go back to over and over again.