December 2020 Advent Draw 3

December 3, 2020 Advent Calendar Draw: The Chariot
December 3, 2020 Advent Calendar Draw: The Chariot. Click to embiggen

On the third day of December, my solstice advent gave to me… The Chariot.

This is a hard symbol for me to transpose. I use something similar for the Wheel of Fortune and the World cards in my journal, so when I see this image I immediately think of those cards. It will take time to adjust. The Chariot is the card that gets me going. I am moving along my path and heading to greatness. This card reminds me to focus on the long term goal, those desires I want to have manifest. Time to break out the idea books and sift through them for fertile ideas. Time to revise book two!

So far I’ve been given the tools to manifest this month and cataloged my fundamentals. Now it’s time for me to pick a direction and head into it. Focus my awareness and energy and put it into motion. 

What areas are you focusing on this month? What energy has you excited for? Email me and let me know what you have got going on.