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Earth Day, Tarot Style

Happy Earth Day everyone. In honor of Mama Gaia, I pulled my deck out and did a reading on how we could best honor our planet and heal her. I’m using my trusty Shadowscapes Deck, which blends nature and myth in dazzling play of symbolism and artistic beauty.

1. If you could tell us how you feel, what would you say?
The Hierophant— I am the teacher, rooted in the soil, the air, and the water. I tell stories to those who listen and provide a perch to the weary. Come to me and I will teach you about the world. I am older than anything and am feeling it in my bones.

2. What can we do to honor you?
The Sun— Enjoy my gifts and bounty. Revel in the warmth of the sun, the force that sustains us and brings us life. Dance on the soil that grounds you and keeps you connected to me. Celebrate me by treating me how you would want others to treat your self.

3. Which ways can we best help to heal the damage we’ve done?
Six of Pentacles— Bring back the balance. Use the talents of creativity and intellect to promote new growth to the parts that are dying. Take civilization to the next level by promoting a sense of interdependence and sharing of the wealth, rather than keeping it to yourself.

4. If we follow your advice, what is the likely outcome?
Queen of Pentacles— Ah, the Earth Mother card itself. The Queen of Pentacles is the living spirit of Earth. She gives voice to the things that have no voice. She is nurturing, loving and generous with her gifts. If we can bring balance back to the Earth, then we, too, can bind ourselves back down to the ground. Our eyes will awaken and we’ll really see the world we live in and the gifts of plants, trees, animals and live that we have been given. The Earth is home; and as such, we are bound by duty to care for it as we would treat the dwellings we make on her surface.

I find it both comforting and odd, that the only suits represented in this spread were the Major Arcana and the Pentacles, which connects to the element of Earth/ground and deals with “earthly matters”.

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