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Readers Studio: One Week Left

Today marks the final 7 day countdown until I board a plane headed to New York City and The Readers Studio. I’m excited, I’m nervous, and I’m so looking forward to seeing friends and meeting new ones and chatting tarot.

I hope to be posting daily updates from my room, at least I want to, but who knows how much fun the party will be. At the very least I’ll be using the twitter hashtag #RS11 to post quick updates to my twitter feed all weekend long so that you all can follow along.

Have I started packing? Nope. I have no idea how many bags I’m taking. I like to pack light, and I usually bring one bag for week-long excursions. However, after reading posts on the Readers Studio Ning group forum makes me wonder if I should pack a large suitcase. Part of me is tempted to go light on clothing (I can get by on two outfits, right?) and then save the rest of the space in my bag for the tarot goodies. I may also bring two carry-on bags, one full and one empty to serve as that purpose. I am bringing some of the crochet tarot bags I’ve been making as gifts and swaps.

Do I know which decks I’m taking? Yep! Again thanks to advice from the Ning group, I’ll be bringing my workhorse deck The Shadowscapes Tarot, the tried and true Universal Waite, and the Sun and Moon Tarot. A new one that I have yet to really play with and would like to take with me. If I really need more decks, I can probably find some there… right? *gryn*

Do I know what journal to take with me? Sorta. I’m torn between bringing a small moleskine notebook and bringing a larger paperback sized one. As a writer, this could be a very important decision and I DO like to take notes. I do have my birth chart as that’s needed for one class.

Other than that, the countdown starts and it’s time to get excited! Wooo!