End of August Wrap-up

Welcome to August’s end of the month wrap-up. In this post, we discover how the planning spread got implemented and where I ended up.

Theme: Knowledge
How: 5 of Cups
Helper: Honey Bee (be busy)

August 2020 Planning Spread
August 2020 Planning Spread. Click to embiggen.

I read five books. I slept a lot. I took many walks in a nearby park with my partner. We watched bunnies and dogs and wore our masks. I even slept a lot. We walked through the Portland Rose Gardens, and I had fun taking pictures of the honey bees as they got so drunk on the pollen they were wobbling around.

Look at the happy bees on the lavender!
Click to embiggen.

All this gave me the time to let my heart open a bit more and grieve. I grieved for this past spring and the events I wasn’t able to do. I talked to my therapists, and they nailed some of the new issues I need to work through. And being on the edge of burnout won’t help me learn the long term lessons I desire to grow into.

Calm and peace entered my body, and with this knowledge, I have learned that to pursue a new balance in my life. I’ll work hard and also take more time to myself to read and recharge my batteries.