January 2020 Wrap-Up

This is the first post in the new end of the month wrap-up series I’m implementing for my monthly planning spreads. This is where I’ll attempt to display how I integrated the theme, how to, and helper of the month cards into my life. I’m sure these first few posts will seem a bit rocky, and weird as I learn this new approach and figure out how these cards work together.

Theme: Thrive
How: King of Swords
Helper: Hummingbird (be swift)

January 2020 Spread. Click to embiggen.

I’ll be honest here, this was a hard theme to start off with. Thrive in the beginning of a new year makes me feel rushed. However, I like having the prompts on the Sovereign Oracle to give some suggestions and frame. I focused mostly on the second one which says, “Create a pathway to resources that support your vision.” This gave me the statement to create my lists of what needed to be done this month and when. My vision for various writing projects is to get a completed project by their due date. My vision for the classes I’m teaching in Feb is to give my students the tools and info they need to make a path of their own. 

I’ll be teaching two classes at PantheaCon over President’s day weekend. The first is Journaling the Tarot and I have created 51 journals and handouts for my attendees. The second is Divination of the Cities with Diana Rajchel and we’ll discuss using tarot and other divination techniques for you to chat with your city. 

The King of Swords was quite clear in how to do this. Just freeking do it. I am a master of hitting my mark, so while I felt a bit floundery in this month, I knuckled down and did the work and am pretty pleased with everything I got done.

The Hummingbird reminded me daily to be swift. As soon as I got emails in, I tried to respond to them. I tried to swiftly work on my assignments and tasks as soon as they came onto my daily task list. 

In the end, I think I was able to Thrive in this month. I finished a few writing projects, got clarity around my classes, and added a few new items to 2021’s timeline. Stay tuned.