February 2020 Planning Spread

To recap, in 2020 I’m using these decks: The Sovereign Oracle, the mini Ceccoli Tarot, and Animantras deck. I chose them because I wanted to play with mini decks this year. They give me a theme, a means to apply the theme, and a cute animal to act as the guide for the lesson. This whole spread sits on my desk where I can see it, work with the energies, and integrate them into my day.

Theme: Resilience
How: 10 of Swords
Helper: Beaver (be prepared)

February 2020 Planning Spread. Click to embiggen.

The theme for February is Resilience, something I know a lot about. Things are crazy for me this month. I have a huge writing project to draft up by March, the last PantheaCon to attend and present at, two podcasts to keep producing, and all the other items on my normal in and out list. It’s enough to make me want to ditch everything and nap. But, I can’t. Resilience reminds me to pace myself. To keep my purposes and word of the year (clarity) in the forefront of my mind as I navigate through all these tasks. I don’t do overwhelm very well. However, using resilience, I can build my skills.

The tarot card, is the 10 of Swords, which is a bit ironic considering the theme of the month. This IS the card for overwhelm. It’s the moment where we all say screw it and end and go off to “Netflix and chill.” However, we can’t. Bills need to get paid, jobs need to be done. Yeah. A new day does arise after the negative situation has passed. So while this card reminds me that the end is near, it also reminds me to use my new powers of Resilience in dealing with what life tosses at me this month.

My helper for February is the Beaver. Its motto is be prepared. What a kind suggestion for me. Make lists, edit my work, and prepare for the worst. Do my best to deal with every little thing that comes up this month. In fact, Kayti says this, “Beavers are all about being prepared. The energy of  a beaver reminds us to carefully construct dams within ourselves, to build strong foundations of protection around our feelings, thoughts and emotions. It takes hard work and determination to build something so sturdy that it will withstand thousands of tons of water piling against it. Protect what you need to within yourself in this same manner so you are prepared for any emotional flood that may come.” Sounds like a good activity for me.