June 2018 Planning Spread

In this post, I’ll attempt to demystify June’s 3 card mini-spread from my Overview of 2018 spread. To recap, the three decks I used were The Enchanted Map, Triple Goddess Tarot, and Spirit Cats. I chose these 3 for their ability to give me concise info and for their ability to work together. The Enchanted Map card represents the theme of the month. The Triple Goddess card elaborates ways to achieve the theme. The Spirit Cats card gives me a guide card whose energy I can call upon when I need support.

Theme: #3 wizard of awareness
Knight of Swords

June 2018’s 3-card spread

Wizard of Awareness reminds me to be observant this month. Being aware of my internal and external worlds can push me into a deeper understanding of how everything works. It can help me spot trouble areas. It can give me insights to share and write about. It can also prepare me for what is coming by allowing me to release attachments. Nothing going on is personal unless I allow it to become such. This month’s theme will be a great lesson to remind me of this.

Knight of Swords is how I shall accomplish this. I have a lot going on and will keep my head forward and my game on what I am doing, rather than what is going on around me. I will use my smarts and ask good questions, which will, in turn, help my powers of observation grow.

Snugpuff, the spirit cat of patience, is my guide this month. Another wonderful synchronicity between the cards, Snugpuff will remind me to let go of the things not in my power, and keep focus on what is in front of me. I have a hard time relaxing and releasing. I am sure this month will not only challenge the speed at which I normally live my life, but enhance it by reminding me what is important and to really deep into enjoying those moments more.