Lessons Learned From PantheaCon

Well, PantheaCon has come and gone and what a great event it was. Taught two classes, had a deck party, and recorded a live session of Tarot Visions. I took a few divination and special focus classes which were a delight. And I had many laughs and thoughtful discussions among many awesome people. Along the way, these are the things I learned this time:

1. Bring money. Oh yes, Murphy’s Law came back to bite me this time. I usually bring cash with me; yet, I ran out of time to get it this trip. After purchasing a few small items, my card got locked and even after dealing with fraud, it wasn’t working. Thankfully, I I scheduled some tarot reading blocks and made enough to pay cash for meals the rest of the time.

2. Block lots of spare time. In addition to wonderful classes, PantheaCon has various hospitality suites around 3 floors. With all I did over the weekend, I wasn’t able to visit many of them. Namely the Llewellyn and Wieser Books suites. Next year, I want to leave some space for visiting various groups and hearing what they’re doing and supporting.

3. San Jose airport is a beast. I had forgotten how bad it is to fly home from there. Long lines (even in the TSA-precheck), delayed flights, and poor speakers made traveling home Monday a beast. I got a new carry-on suitcase this time around and I learned that I will never take two things onto a plane with me. It’s just to hard to juggle them. For now on, I leave plenty of space in the bag I bring so the goodies I bring home will fit.