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Magical Experiments Interview Available for Listening

Earlier today I gave a jam-packed half-hour interview with Taylor Ellwood at Magical Experiments. Right from the get-go it was tarot, tarot, tarot. We’re not even a minute into the interview and someone called in. Instead of passing off this person, I jumped on the opportunity to show listeners a small taste of how I perform (over the phone) readings for a client.

I shared a stories of how I got into tarot, and what I like to use the cards for. I tried giving a more in-depth response and explanation of the year long elemental working I am doing and how the tarot fits into it, as well as some quick information on both my book-in-process, Experimental Tarot Techniques, as well as some of the information I give to people in two of my more popular classes. We also talked a bit about spread creation.