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Magical Experiments Interview Available for Listening

Earlier today I gave a jam-packed half-hour interview with Taylor Ellwood at Magical Experiments. Right from the get-go it was tarot, tarot, tarot. We’re not even a minute into the interview and someone called in. Instead of passing off this person, I jumped on the opportunity to show listeners a small taste of how I perform (over the phone) readings for a client.

I shared a stories of how I got into tarot, and what I like to use the cards for. I tried giving a more in-depth response and explanation of the year long elemental working I am doing and how the tarot fits into it, as well as some quick information on both my book-in-process, Experimental Tarot Techniques, as well as some of the information I give to people in two of my more popular classes. We also talked a bit about spread creation.

Blog, Interviews

Interview on Magical Experiments Tomorrow

Just wanted to remind everyone that I’m going to be talking tarot with Taylor Ellwood from Magical Experiments on Blog Talk Radio tomorrow at 2:30 PST. Would love it if you all listened in!

I’ll share stories of how I got into tarot, what I use the cards for, and my new year-long elemental journey with the element alchemy. This process combines using the cards and creative visualization to help promote a deep and long lasting transformation within one self.

Here’s the link to the show and look forward to everyone tuning in.