March 2020 Planning Spread

To recap, in 2020 I’m using these decks: The Sovereign Oracle, the mini Ceccoli Tarot, and the Animantras deck. I chose them because I wanted to play with mini decks this year. They give me a theme, a means to apply the theme, and a cute animal to act as the guide for the lesson. This whole spread sits on my desk where I can see it, work with the energies, and integrate them into my day.

Theme: Resources
How: 6 of Wands
Helper: Unicorn (be unique)

March 2020 Planning Spread. Click to embiggen.

The theme for March is Resources. I view resources as anything I can use to get my accomplishments done. Even energy is a resource, and that is a precious one as I head into this month. I’m finishing up a work-for-hire writing project and then going to the NorthWest Tarot Symposium (NWTS) this weekend. I’m excited to see my tarot friends and find out what they’ve been doing for the past year. Tarot, obviously, is one huge resource I rely on. Another is Scrivener my writing app in which I’m drafting this post to you all. I also use the chat apps as huge resources to keep my sanity as I want to keep up my relationships with friends. All this and more, are going to be explored this month.

How I will use the theme comes with the 6 of Wands. I view this card as a happy moment, where I get to share off the milestones I’ve done with others. This month brings me a few milestones: the completion of two work-for-hire deals, Tarot Inspired Life got a licensing deal for Russia, and of course celebrating with my friends at NWTS and events beyond. The weather is also getting better, so Spring brings new opportunities to share.

My helper this month is no other than the Unicorn. She (yes, this card told me their gender) belongs to the Crown chakra set. So it connects us to spirit. Her motto is “be unique” and I am so happy. Our perspectives are what make us unique in life. Even Kayti agrees because she writes, “The energy of a unicorn reminds us that it is our differences and unique characteristics that give us our magic. Our connection to all things is one of our most important tools for communication. When you run like the wind towards your dreams don’t forget to sparkle.” I know this month I’ll have many opportunities to share my sparkle with everyone. I’ll be writing lots, giggling lots, reading cards, and sharing my unique perspective with everyone I love.

See something different? What to share your unique sparkle with me this month? Comment on this post and tell me what’s been going on with you? I’d love to know!