February 2020 Wrap-Up

Welcome to February’s end of the month wrap-up series. In this post, we discover how the planning spread got implemented and where I ended up. 

Theme: Resilience
How: 10 of Swords
Helper: Beaver (be prepared)

February 202 Spread. Click to embiggen.

Resilience is a great theme. It is defined as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. I’m facing two challenges right now. The first is dealing with  Imoen (our cat) and her cancer. She gets chemo every other week and it’s keeping the disease at bay. However, her health is in decline from the various other issues she deals with. She’s been alternating between wanting snuggles, eating, and cookie snacks almost every hour. It’s a hard chore to keep her satisfied and loved. It is building our connection. I am learning how to be resilient with a critter who cannot tell me exactly how they feel. The second challenge is finding time for myself. I need time to write and complete projects. I need time to sleep and to eat. And right now I’m juggling a lot because spring is coming.

PantheaCon went well. I had a classroom full of attendees and we had to turn people away for the first class. My ability to adapt and be resilient to change helped me stay on task and on time to give everyone the knowledge to journal with cards. I also followed through on my personal self-care plan for conventions. I think this is the first PantheaCon where I took a nap in the middle of the day on Saturday.

Having the 10 of Swords present on my desk every day reminded me to close the loops. There is something to be said about knowing the end is near. It grounded me, gave me comfort, and strength. It’s also a hard reminder. Especially when it comes to Imoen. My partner and I are talking about her health and taking steps to ensure we are giving her the best care possible. I have spilled many tears over this. I don’t want her to go, but her end is near. 

Beaver was a good helper this month. I over-prepared for my classes and writing projects. This helped me lay down the foundations and get everything I wanted to say out. Being prepared helps build resilience because you have laid out outcomes for multiple futures. 

I feel like this month was successful in teaching me to be Resilient in my work and life. I stretched my capacity to write in the long haul, I taught to the biggest audience I’ve had, and am putting resilience plans in place when it comes to having an elder pet in the house.